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Huppermage Lvl Omega 90 Echo
Team Awesome
Sadida Lvl 110 Echo
Ouginak Lvl 44 Echo
Pandawa Lvl 44 Temporis II

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In the new quest Memory lapse

NPC Gronmel the Paniel

Dialog Option : Ask if he remembers you

He refers to an NPC called Pikar Dee

The NPC's name on the map is Pikardee (all 1 word)

I dont know which one is correct, i will leave that to you, but theres 2 different ways of it written down


Later NPC Irene Yllar

Dialog Option : Give a report.

She will say.

Thanks for your help. I have got the informations I came for. etc etc. The s at the end of informations doesnt seem right....
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So i get that there's a warning if you have a password that is too old or not strong enough etc

that's fine, but is it meant to notify me of my poor password choice EVERY time i log in?

Is this a bug? surely not intentional to keep telling me this right, i had to log in and out a few times messing with some UI settings, and all 8 of my characters made me confirm every time they logged in
By CaptainMooney - 2016-08-22 15:52:22 in Suggestion Box
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Its been what, 13 years now since Dofus was launched, we still don't have an eating animation for meat or fish

I understand the animations team might be a bit busy making 4000 ogrine emotes we have to buy once a month, but i don't think this would be too hard to add?