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Bunnies with Lazers
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By Capiroska - 2023-09-04 02:48:31 in General Discussion
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Hey, guys

So, I've somewhat stopped being so active on Dofus 2 and started playing Dofus retro with some friends who have been helping me level and so on.

After spending a few days on retro, I realised that there are some bugs on simple things like conditions for using scrolls and items (intelligence scrolls saying we need wisdom, wisdom scrolls saying we need health and so on) which made me wonder if more items have the same issue.

I made a chance Panda (currently wisdom, because I'm leveling...
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Hey guys,
I have a friend who I used to play with since the early times, but we stopped playing a few years ago and only logged once every while. We also used to keep in touch using the ankabox.
Anyway, he got back in the game a few months ago, but I don't know which server he is playing in and neither his characters' names. I keep trying to message him, but Ankama won't let me. I don't know if he deleted me by accident, but he messages me and waits for a reply which I can't send since it doesn't...
By Capiroska - 2016-01-09 21:00:14 in Problems and solutions
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I've been suck on this quest for some days and nobody seems to have an answer that helps.

On the bontarian alignment quest to become a level 69, there is a part of the quest where you need to go to the astrubian alchemist market and go downstairs to do a spell. The wizard Ax, who is also downstairs, asks you to take some ingredients and take two friends with you to perform the spell. Although he says that even an Iop can do the spell, there are three marks on the floor, where, supposedly, the three...