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Muerhes Huppermage Lvl 143 Rubilax
Tushkin Ouginak Lvl 142 Rubilax
Dark Mystef Masqueraider Lvl 43 Rubilax
Arbasar Sacrier Lvl 23 Rubilax
Hero System Foggernaut Lvl 21 Rubilax
Testling Xelor Lvl 5 Rubilax

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By Calliun - 2020-01-06 14:43:02 in General Discussions
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Hello there - I was wondering what the exact rules are for Epiques to be obtained in the game.
I'm noticing the pure irony in that Epiques seem to be harder to obtain than Relics, and I'd definitely love some more consistent info about them:

Unless things have changed, my own memory tells me that:
- Epiques can only drop in dungeons, and only if they are Stasis 21+ (Are there Epiques that can drop that are an exception to this rule?)
- Epiques can only drop in those dungeons if you killed the boss...