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Well, i dont see it then!
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Izmar, is there a way to check one of my tickets if it was closed? I know the reference number to be "HLU-380186". but its not visible if i click on view my tickets in d support link. I wanted to find the status of that one, to start replying to this ticket "RWK-975890".
The second ticket has asked for d scanned copy of proofs, which i had sent the very first time i raise a ticket (which is HLU-380186).
Should i send in the proofs once agian?
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I had the same issue 4months ago when i returned after my education. I was off for 2years. I thought my password was wrong and tried to reset, but received no new password to my email id (was that the procedure before?). I sent a ticket to ankama 3months ago and it was closed without a solution and i had to make a new account n start all over again.
Is this the same issue?