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By Caldors - 2009-02-04 00:13:21 in The Barracks of Oto Mustam
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Maybe some of you know of this group already but they are the alternative to bonta or brak.
Basicly they are the merks.
They will take out contracts to work for one side or the other and has a high level of role playing or so I read.
But I saw a different alternative.

I am unsure how it would be done but I would imagine it would be similar to the seeker scrolls this idea of mine.
now though there is bont or brak aggroing everyone just out of the gate.
Imagine if you could take a contract out on...
By Caldors - 2009-01-05 17:27:54 in Suggestion Box
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Oto is a unique place so there is no need to say that something different would ruin it.
But i was thinking the idea that people could challange other people in a leathal manner would remove the need for the ability to aggro other people on oto and thus remove that ability.
at the moment it is being explotided and people are losing interestin the server as a result when it first started i couldn't get on the server after my first use to save my life.
but now there is no problems.
sure this could...