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Member since 2015-07-13


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-05-09


Caitify Feca Lvl 200 Remington
Caitaclysm Eniripsa Lvl 200 Remington
Caitreasure Enutrof Lvl 200 Remington
Caitoxicated Pandawa Lvl 200 Remington
Caitdrasil Sadida Lvl 200 Remington

Activity on the wakfu Forum

By [Owlie] - 2018-12-04 16:00:00 in News
32 529
well its a nice improvement!
By giagobox - 2018-10-30 12:40:18 in Sram
1 544
i actually dont know anyhing about srams but Mass Charm has a cooldown of 3 turns 
By [Shop] - 2018-08-02 11:00:00 in News
18 735
i dont understand why do we have to ask for a preview EACH TIME