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By Cabuloso308 - 2018-10-08 15:23:53 in General Discussion
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Im lvl 185 with 900 Wis and the grind is just insane, Im probably doing something wrong or at the wrong place.

Each fight gives 1/2mk xp so I need to do it like 100/200 times. I do dopplers and the Amanka quest but its like nothing for the XP bar, I tought that Wisdom would help me out but the grind is just insane.

Im new to the game so I dont know all my options, Ive tried to find some guides but the places are all forbidden. Needs to be in a alliance.

Can someone plz give some tips of what I...
By Cabuloso308 - 2018-09-27 14:12:53 in Suggestion Box
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Besides the Starter Pack or the Premmium package cant find anything thats worth buying in the shop. I think you guys should rethink it. I mean we are not losing anything having a worthless shop, but its always a nice option on MMOs to improve the company and give players some nice cosmetic options or services.

One think that I was waiting and its indeed a nice feature is the class change, but the price is the same as a new console retail game. So plz, there are some dump players but lets not abuse...