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Member since 2017-04-18


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Last login: 2019-08-21


Cra Lvl 193 Ilyzaelle
Proxima Centauri
Foggernaut Lvl 177 Temporis III
Feca Lvl 95 Ilyzaelle
Black Knights
Sadida Lvl 78 Ilyzaelle
Foggernaut Lvl 45 Ilyzaelle
Foggernaut Lvl 42 Echo
Kumo desu
Pandawa Lvl 28 Echo

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I see it as the easy way out(the one where you would just pass your turn/die and repeat). Much like buying an account with a lvl 200. If it's not your first char/account then I can see more why you might wanna skip the content if you've already done those. But other than that I don't really like it. 

There are possible ways to solve this by making heavy limitations. For example one cannot enter a dung soul of a dung that they haven't conquered, one cannot enter a soul of an area they have not visited,...
18 2172
I don't think if you can refer to it as a bug or not but I think it should be possible. There is a characteristics that I would want searchable in the encyclopedia for the equipment and that is pods. 
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I think undercutting in itself is healthy for the market and needs to stay. The only thing I would want changed is when you want to massbuy and you have to click on every new price. I'd rather have it so you can just put in how many items you want and then it will figure out the cost for it.