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Anelir Sadida Lvl 2 Rubilax

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I really just can't wait until they come out and I hope they don't change them too terribly. I wanted to make one right away until I found out they aren't out yet. I have a Sram as my main character on Dofus.
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Zineal|2011-03-14 02:48:09I've seen a lot of people casually mention what they're planning to play once the full game comes around, but I'm sort of interested in getting a general consensus just for fun!

Personally I'm currently between:

The first two are mainly just cause I've always been big on tanking. And well, Xelor's are just freaken awesome so it had to make the list... My Sram is my main on Dofus and I am waiting to see what the Srams will be like on Wakfu. I usually have...
By Korosis - 2011-06-11 05:34:24 in General Discussions
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Korosis|2011-06-11 05:34:24I have been a follower of Wakfu for about a year now and have missed the opportunity to get into the closed beta. I have Wakfu installed and everything. Now all I am in need of is a Beta Key. If someone has a spare key that they are willing to provide that would be greatly appreciated. My email is [email protected] Haha, same here. I have heard that there will be another open beta chance some time this summer, though I do not know when. I am waiting until they get...