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By Buggabug - 2007-11-18 19:37:24 in Problems and solutions
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Ok so I put my info in, and it goes to the loading screen, even tells me how many are in line. THen it jsut ..stops. WOnt go any further. I cleared cache a hundred times and have rebooted my own computer.
By Buggabug - 2007-03-17 16:56:38 in General Discussion
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Ok I cant post on Problems and solution forums. I log in, I try to click "new Topic" and it logs me back out and puts me on the front page. But I can post here...>.>

The reason I was TRYING to post on the problems and solutions forums is I am getting really wierd Lag spikes and disco's..nothing else seems to be effected as in Explorer pages, or Even aol browser is fine.(rare) anyone else getting this?