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Hi. A while ago I was playing dofus but suddenly game just minimalized to window mode from full screen, it happens every time I switch maps and havent reset dofus for few hours. So I closed dofus and tryied to open launcher but it stuck at "checking for updates...". I tryied to clear cache of the game, not helped. I reset internet, router and computer, nothing helped. I read one topic from 2014r. and GM said to download from an .exe and "act" like we want to install new dofus but it will...
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Hi. Is any way to pay paysafecard from Poland for orgines? I see only possibility from France, If I gonna click a country as a France in trasaction section I'll be able to pay for it even when in France is EUR and in Poland is PLN?
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It's an fun topic. I just wonder who in Your opinion is best and worst class at 1v1 and 3v3 kolossium. Explain why you think so (at 200lv for sure).
For example, in my opinion best class in:
1v1 is osamodas cause she's hella broken and her sheeps makes me crazy everytime:/
3v3 - Feca, because of tons of AoE skills, tankiest, AP and MP debuffs.

Worst class in:
1v1 is pandawa, I haven't seen any of them in more than hundred of kolo, but when I do, matchup is pretty easy.
3v3 is osamodas. Shes queen...