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I want to start of by saying... I love this game. I've played wakfu since I was a kid, its nostalgic for me. 

I understand that as a game developer you need to continue to make new content for players, you need to work on balancing, crafting, enchanting, and a lot of quality of life changes. And wakfu you've done a great job of those updates. It takes a lot fo work.

But whats next for wakfu? Balancing classes is always a topic everyone talks about every year. Raising level cap is always is a love/hate...
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I'm sorry i wrote this in general but meant to post it in suggestions. I dont know how t move it I'm sorry.
Im just throwing a bunch of suggestions but i'd love to hear everyones thoughts.

the idea would be - no more level cap increase, and have gear level instead. you can continue to upgrade level 230 gear with materials from dungeons or quests, so once someone has completed their gear build with all the sublimations and slots they can continue to upgrade gear level for power boosts only for PVM...