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Peep Iop Lvl 145 Remington
Paeko Eniripsa Lvl 133 Remington
Daliyon Feca Lvl 110 Remington
Ulfheonar Masqueraider Lvl 47 Remington
Aeiza Enutrof Lvl 39 Remington

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Hello everyone =)

Due to some irl decissions I wont be playing wakfu (subbed or non-subbed) anymore, I will however log on every now and then to have a chat with some of the great friends I've gotten to know over the past year of playing =)

I would like to issue my personal thanks to the following players (sorry if I forget any1, I cant type everyones name I played with sadly =( because im silly and dont remember everyone!)
- JerryDB for taking me under his wing when I started playing (the biggest...
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Hello everyone,

Lately I've been playing around with making a summon osa when I decided I wanted to hybrid her into a fire summon/dragon hybrid. I'm quite curious to see how many of these kind of osa's are around, how they have statted their skills and speciality and to see what gear and spells they use.

what I was thinking so far was:
- 11 ap (so you can be 12ap dragon)
- 5mp (or more/less depending on how easy it is to mix)

Using 1 summon (for example black wabbit at end game)

Any input and...
By Brynnhildr - 2013-07-16 21:13:47 in Politics
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As of today 16-7-13 Bonta has declared war towards our nation Brakmar, and by doing so have recaptured the island which we had taken for the event which was to be tomorrow morning.

I wil have a chat with the Amaknean and Sufokian Governors before I decide to take any "further actions" with Bonta. Before we as a nation wil undertake any further steps "then our neutral offer" we wil first have a small meeting with our allied nations =)

A Neutral offer has been sent from our side, as a token of Brakmars...