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By BroforceUltimateDragon - 2016-04-09 20:03:32 in Ogrines
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first time buyer if i buy the mnost expesive pack will i beable to then sell them for in game gold? as i need a bit of aboost... if so let me know i dont wanna waste 95 if i cant turn around and sell them right away
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would any1 happen to have a really nice one for sale?

I'm still looking for a near perfect set! or an appointment maxed feudala ring and what not! please helppp
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so I decided to make a feca like it alot but after looking at stuff I was thinking agility and chance... chance for its range wisdom and vit gear. and agility for locking and melee along with tanking... so what are you opinions. .. or are there better builds to utilize the spells more... I wanna do mainly pvp but support in pve aswell as what sets would a chance agility even use? thanks agsin