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It is indeed based off of some concept art of the Iop class (Darkness) for Dofus 3.Same for the Necrotized Apostle, that too is a concept art for the Iop class (darkness) for Dofus 3.I don't know why they didn't use these as the Necros for the Iop class. But yeah, apparently both are repurposed to be Eniripsas (which imo don't fit at all with the designs).
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I kind of agree. They're not the worst ever but they are mostly situational. I haven't looked that much into the other gods but I can say some things for Iop cards.

Guardian is ok, but I thought it was bugged until I figured out it's mistranslated to spanish. In spanish it says "...4 atk or less" instead of " least 4 attack".

Imperial leader shouldn't buff enemies. It should have the "Leader" ability (like lvl3 Goultard has), even if it then would need to be rebalanced.

Blasphemy is not great....