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Salright Foggernaut Lvl 175 Rubilax
Sbrinz Enutrof Lvl 172 Rubilax
Tataiya Cra Lvl 172 Rubilax
Kobeyashi Maru Pandawa Lvl 158 Rubilax
NOX-Ghostof Sacrier Lvl 151 Rubilax
Stilton Enutrof Lvl 148 Rubilax
NOX-Bubbie Enutrof Lvl 147 Rubilax
Tats Treasure Scrub Cra Lvl 121 Rubilax
Dungeon Pandawa Lvl 14 Pandora
DAT-Tat Pandawa Lvl 12 Pandora
DAT-Vespa Ecaflip Lvl 7 Pandora
DAT-Skinflint Enutrof Lvl 3 Pandora
Tropeo Eliotrope Lvl 1 Rubilax

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QuoteAny Cra worthy of their bow knows that hitting your opponent isn’t as important as where you hit them. Time to hone your sight and your instinct, and reach the target that really counts!

Like any enemy with colossal defenses, you need to find the vital point that will bring down your target! On the target are different numbers, you need to choose your target as best you can, and if you choose wisely, you may walk away with a prize!

5 1696
You guys completely janked up krobaxes spell order. the spell I use most is at 6 in no-mans land. krosmos state changing spell is on tab 2. It all seems incredibly half-complete

let us rearrange the MM spell tab so we can set it up for how we use it.