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Look I'd love it if we could all have that much powerful healing... but despite it being her nature, it seems to be a bit much. I keep facing people who just heal the diggity-dang out of every single thing. I'm running a pretty AT/HP heavy deck and still it's not enough with all her buffs. 

I'm not asking for a full nerf so she's worthless.... but maybe lowering her heals by -1HP per would make it less.... ridiculous.

There's a reason she's band consistently in Tournaments. 
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I can't enjoy the game if I'm endlessly taking on people 6-10 ranks above me who are running try-hard decks when I'm trying to get better at the game. There's nothing worse than wasting time seeing Lvl 21 Fecas, Sadidas and Enis when you're a lvl 13-15. 

Easy fix. Once you're above 10 you don't take on 1-9. Once you're at 20 you don't take on 11-19. 
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Trying to understand what's the deal. I figured it might be confirmation bias... but then I kept track.