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DAT-Boorin Osamodas Lvl 112 Pandora
REM-Boorin Osamodas Lvl 111 Rubilax
Kajax Sadida Lvl 18 Pandora
Gothic Enutrof Lvl 18 Pandora
REM-Kajax Eniripsa Lvl 6 Rubilax
DAT-Judex Pandawa Lvl 5 Pandora

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Can you please make poison damage like -x per AP/MP use, -x at the start at turn IGNORE SHIELD???

Because the meaning of poison is to kill enemy "inside out"
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Even I grinded so hard to get Eskarina's Hammer and good summon's gears but my osa still so bad, bad damage and very few utilities (event the utility not really worth.)

My friends, my guildmates keep making joke from me:

.I have a dream, I dream Boo is a dragosa
.I have seen a lvl 110 dragosa in DP
.Boo...I love backstab!
.Dual summon osa is bad at high lvl dungeon, dragosa ftw


Although I don't hate Dragosa but their jokes really made me sick everytime I think about them and...
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I really having trouble to buy ogrines for my osa account, I was subscribed my eni perfectly but then I tried to buy ogrine for my osa account, it show me that the payment having some problem then I can't subscribe my osa account by paypal anymore. Really got sick dat everytime I have trouble with payment and post my problems to right sections, I never get any answer.

plz help me, I have only 3-4 days left ,my friends and me having a lot of plans.