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Ecaflip Lvl 199 Echo
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By LightSkyDivine - 2016-12-12 07:40:34 in Iop
4 2628
Put your points into strength until you reach 300, then you put the rest into vitality. Around level 150 you can reset your characteristics for 1 doploon in class temple and put 200 into strength/intellect and the rest into vitality. I don't suggest to go hybrid until you have a possibility to equip good duo-element set (something like Soft Oak set is a good start), so stick with strength until that time comes.
2 513
I don't know if you are returning after the long break, but you can reset your skills any time know in spellbook. Just click on that plus button to the right and de-level the spell if you don't need it anymore.
By zozzo - 2016-12-08 02:03:16 in General Discussion
11 870
Are you all serious? How did you wanted to reset your wisdom characters after reaching your goals anyway? Didn't even thought about it before jumping on leeching bandwagon and now try to use wisdom bonus experience changes as excuse? Could do one single dopple before level 30, reset your stats in Inkarnam and then use 1 doploon at class temple after reaching your desired level. Is it really that hard? I can understand complaints of sacriers, those could use some class reset potions after all changes....