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Boizowald Sram Lvl 216 Rubilax
Boizonildo Cra Lvl 212 Rubilax
Miralinda Sadida Lvl 212 Rubilax
Milliatropp Xelor Lvl 203 Rubilax
Boizolee Pandawa Lvl 199 Rubilax
Boiawe Foggernaut Lvl 144 Rubilax
Boizowizz Huppermage Lvl 136 Rubilax

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By [Shop] - 2022-01-13 16:00:00 in News
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I can't seem to see the booster pack in the shop. I live in Brazil.
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Well, I almost defeated him with my sram, but the dolls proved to be a relying source of damage, and removing res from enemies is quite annoying.

It's a well made character. Cheers him for that!
64 10172
So... I spent more than 11k ogrines but I never knew It had to be in a single purchase... no I won't get anything out of it? If this turns up to be true, I'll stop playing and DEMAND my money back. u.u
Fuck this shit... tired of this kind of stuff happening.