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By BobaFett2 - 2017-10-23 18:55:42 in Problems and solutions
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I cannot see the name of any item in the little tooltips that pop up while mousing over them. I can only see their names when crafting, trading, receiving loot, and one or two other things. This is very frustrating and has been ongoing ever since the last update.
By BobaFett2 - 2017-09-19 02:07:20 in General Discussion
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I've made posts like this before, but how the hell do I beat a Mutant Itsh?

It summons dudes every turn, and I can barely keep one away for two if I'm lucky (MP reduction only goes so far against teleporters and jumpers). I've gotten it to maybe 4000 but that was by sheer luck and there was no way I was gonna get it any lower. None of my summons do enough to keep me in the fight after a few turns and I'm constantly getting hit by AP poison.
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I need help with the arachnid fight. You are an Arachnee and fight a bunch of baby Arak-Hai. I can't seem to think of any strategy that would either let me wittle them down (not enough room to run back and get the faster ones to me) or to run away. What did other people do?