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Hi everyone.

I open this thread to show some combos I've been practicing with the class around Light Arrow. I tried to create some rotations and squeeze the AP for better results.

Please, feel free to share your own and strategies!

Before starting I want to make some clarifications:My Huppermage is at level 140 at the time of making this post, it is still missing 2 passives so these combos can be further improved, but the base stays similar. The combos shown use a base of 12 AP and 500QB When...
By Bluhen - 2022-10-30 04:11:27 in Suggestions
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Hi everyone!

Recently I've been really enjoying the looks of various items such as the Noh Cape or the octopus cape from the summer event. I think they are currently very out-of-the-box items which re-define what a cape can be: does it necessarily need to be a cape? what other kind of items could we wear in the back? what other customization options could we get? Not only as part of the costumes (like the Kitsoune costume) but also as normal items from sets found in the game.

That's why I'd like...
By Bluhen - 2022-07-15 00:50:04 in Suggestions
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Hi everyone![left]I'd like to open this thread not as a Rework suggestion but rather to propose a set of small improvements that could be added into the game update by update which, at the end, would improve the overall utility and viability of the Sidekicks. That's why that I won't be suggesting huge changes here (like new spells or mechanics) but instead contributions can could be easily implemented andthat already exist in the game.[/left] Improvements across all the Sidekicks
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