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Member since 2008-12-27


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Dozlaa Sacrier Lvl 18 Elbor
Elisia Cra Lvl 16 Elbor

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Hi everyone.

After the Enchantment system release, I've been trying to do some stuff and playing with it around. My overall experience have been a little bit... unestable. Allow me to explain some things.

One of the things I tried to do was to create an optimum/op gobball set, a low scale test just to see how things would go. Even at low levels, it was hard to get the minimum requeriments that I was looking for which were at least 3 sockets and the right color&order for sublimations (not considered...
By Bluhen - 2019-07-05 22:25:31 in Suggestions
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Hi everyone.

I'd like to suggest the creation of a new storage section, one that would gather all sorts of currency on a single place and be shard across the characters of the account. I suggest a: Currency Pouch.

1).- How does it work?

Everytime you get something classified as Currency, it would go straight to the interface and directly discounted from it in whenever you need it. In case of "Tradeable Currency" (e.g: Dust and Shards) it would be able to Withdraw them from the Pouch, this way...
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Before starting: I wanted to open this thread as some sort of Debate, that's why I opened it on the General Discussions Forum. If a Moderator thinks that it would fit the Suggestion forum more then feel free to move it and sorry for the problems.

Hi everyone!

I'm a player since the first Beta came out, I really like this game and love how it have been growing since then.

I know this might sound a bit too rushed but I want to open this thread to give a suggestion to the Alpha concept of the upcoming...