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Dozlaa Sacrier Lvl 18 Elbor
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Hi everyone.

The issue is that I changed my phone and I don't have the recovery code from the App, so when I try to log-in into my other account Wakfu asks me for the number that is generated on the App. (to which I do not have access because I changed my phone and lost the code)

I know there is a way to remove the Authenticator via SMS but the page is down and has been like that for a long time now as you can see on the image below:Is there other way I can deactivate the Ankama Authenticator so...
By Bluhen - 2019-09-07 00:53:48 in Suggestions
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Hi everyone!

I'm a player who's been around since the Beta of the game. In my time I've seen big changes in the game and how it has developed through the years. One of the biggest changes that the game has had is Decks: A system that focuses the capabilities of your character around a pre-defined set of spells that you can adjust according to what you are looking for (contrary to what we had before where you could use every single spells at your disposal at any time during the battle). An interesting...