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By Blueyyyy - 2013-12-15 20:11:12 in Rosal
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Emerald Dofus questline halted me to the stop at Who kicks the kicked ass's ass. Bowisse has green exclamation point above him, I've been trying to start the quest but it won't let me. I don't understand, is there any requirements? I have done See vlad and live again quest.

The wiki for ass quest doesn't say anything about requirements. Click here%27s_Ass%3F

So.. I tried each option he gives. I tried to click (say ready to become honorary) he said I must have at least expedience and progress...
By Blueyyyy - 2013-12-12 01:41:13 in Rosal
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I need level 80 shield smith to craft me an trophy in Rosal. I have materials for the trophy, Private message me on rosal, name is Limey. If I am not online, leave comment here and I'll contact. THANKS
By Blueyyyy - 2013-12-11 02:30:15 in Rosal
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I don't understand the quest on Kwismas Island.

The Thwee Kings' Star
The Thwee Kings' rough deal

both of ^
I need to get 10 parts from unruly goblimps
I need to get 3 Kwismas Dragoturkey

so I've been killing mobs but don't get the item... they said Level range... I am level 114.. There is no such thing an monster that is 114, unruly is 18-20 and the turkey is 50.. so.. HOW CAN I COMPLETE THIS QUEST? I am trying to understand but I cant.. so help me out. thanks