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By Azurayin - 2012-03-30 11:26:51 in General Discussions
36 5784
The problem with this entire thread is the implication that Troyle-- a messenger, as you yourself said-- is somehow responsible for the fact that these issues have not yet been fixed.

Programmers being aware of an issue does not necessarily give them the information they need to immediately fix it with the wave of a hand, especially not anything as massive and overarching as a class retune. As much as I dislike the cra situation, they can't just go "well alright, let's chop all this stuff in half,...
By namisiaaa - 2012-03-27 12:31:23 in General Discussions
37 5513
And I'm a game/web developer; I make no claims as to not being biased, but I'm pretty familiar with how this sort of stuff goes.

Things (whee, self-censorship) happen, oftentimes things that aren't forseen. They're doing what they can to take care of it, and I guarantee they'll do what they can to either replace or reimburse any lost items as well.
Beta periods don't find and fix every issue in a game, especially not in a game as broad and resistant to the concept of 'completion' as an MMO; things...
By namisiaaa - 2012-03-27 12:31:23 in General Discussions
37 5513
I don't get the impression Ankama is ignoring anything, personally. I'm incredibly impressed at how quickly they took the servers back down once they realized there was a major issue going on.
If that isn't a sign of a dedicated and attentive company, I don't know what is.

Really, it helps to bear in mind that although they may not solve every issue in a way or timeframe you'd personally prefer (or even consider everything you consider an issue as much), they've made it very obvious that they're...