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By Blue-Hue-Zero - 2019-10-18 19:30:21 in Suggestion Box
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Okay Ankama, now that you're wrapped up with the Vulbis Dofus quest line I think it's time to review the current state of the Eternal Harvest. Which in my opinion is outdated and absurd. In its current state, as a person who plays a full team I am required to harvest 2,288 Archmonsters on a 0 to random hour respawn rate across thousands of maps... This is frankly ridiculous. Yes I am aware that I can purchase them. Yes I am currently attempting to. No I wont repeat some of the messages I have received...
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The Ochre Dofus was essential to the progress of the game for me. For me, the game was about progression and doing achievements. I spent over six weeks farming arch-monsters. I was collecting eight of each to satisfy a full team. I started to become gated by several monsters that were only spawning in alliance controlled zones. I did join an alliance and was receiving some of these monsters that were causing my progression to bottleneck. I started to come towards completion with the monsters I had...
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My first idea is for additional uses to mimisymbics. I think it would be really cool if we could mimisymbic pets to mounts or vice versa. You've created all these beautiful pets and I personally never get to use any of them or rarely because I think mounts just trump pets for pve. Before the nay sayers arrive telling me about which pets they use in which circumstances I want to remind you that this is from a pure vanity perspective and I'm not telling you which pet or mount to use when or where....