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By BluSkies - 2021-12-04 06:02:01 in General BETA discussions
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Does gobbowl even work on beta? Every time I tried it, the turns just keep passing and the fight auto ends. I tried in both bonta and brak arenas.
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I am having issues running my 4 accounts at the same time. This started today as I have not had this happen before. I can make it to character selection on all 4 accounts, but once I choose a character no more than 2 will load into the server. I will see notifications saying the other 2 have logged in but the screens are stuck at loading 100% and do not actually bring me into the game.

I have tried restarting ankama launcher, repairing the game, updating the launcher, clearing the cache,  and logging...
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Hello Forums 

Hakuna-Matata will be turning 11 years old on March 22 of this year! 

11 years is a long time and so to celebrate we'll be having a birthday party on Saturday March 27th starting at 4 PM EDT! (I apologize in advance to our Australian friends for making you wake up at like 6AM on a Sunday...) And to make the celebrations even more fun, this year we'd like to invite you (yes, you!) as well! 

We usually have a few fun/silly in game events planned for these celebrations but the main...