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Some bugs I've noticed in this betaSpells with different levels/acquisition levels seem to be at level 1 despite characters being level 200, happening across multiple characters Does poutch fight not count as a real fight anymore? HP after fight doesn't reflect hp at end of fight but rather goes back to what it was pre fight Summons' spells not showing up or shows up but grayed out when they should be playable Graphical bug where sadi's trees remain on screen even tho they have been killedEdit:
By BluSkies - 2021-12-04 06:02:01 in General BETA discussions
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Does gobbowl even work on beta? Every time I tried it, the turns just keep passing and the fight auto ends. I tried in both bonta and brak arenas.
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I am having issues running my 4 accounts at the same time. This started today as I have not had this happen before. I can make it to character selection on all 4 accounts, but once I choose a character no more than 2 will load into the server. I will see notifications saying the other 2 have logged in but the screens are stuck at loading 100% and do not actually bring me into the game.

I have tried restarting ankama launcher, repairing the game, updating the launcher, clearing the cache,  and logging...