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Hi Echo OF community,

We will be trying to open Kralove this Saturday (1/19) starting around 10 AM EST/ 4 PM Dofus Time. Would really appreciate it if anyone is able to bring some characters to help open it.


Slight delay - will be starting around 10:30 AM EST/ 4:30 PM Dofus Time. Sorry about this!

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Link to the french beta changelog:

Hopefully, we can get an english translation soon....

I really don't understand the need for most of these changes. Speaking of Eni changes specifically, totally uncalled for. Increased cool down on coney after it dies and target necessary for selective? Really? Like selective was so op to begin with <_<?  The changes to stim also pretty much guarantees that only...
By BluSkies - 2018-06-17 21:28:07 in Markets of Echo
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Hello Forums

Hakuna-Matata is rebuilding and recruiting new members. We are a group of close knit friends that are pretty laid back. Most of us are PVM oriented and while guild is rather quiet at the moment, hoping to get it back up and running soon. 

A Bit of Background Info:

Hakuna was created back in 2010 on Rosal and has grown throughout years. It's always been a place for friends to just relax and enjoy playing dofus together and lots of different people have contributed to its growth at...