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I purchased a one year sub on Apr 1 and have not received the full coulive set as I was supposed to. I have submitted a ticket and it has been 19 days. The last reply basically said it's pointless to reply to again and to wait for them to contact me.

Exact words "For now, there is no point in resending your message. We will contact you again once we have more information for you."

It's been two weeks since that reply. When can we expect an update on tickets?  
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Is the gift interface still a thing? I am unable to access it but I would like to be able to buy items with ogrines from the shop and be able to gift it to other players.

I have tried to do a few transactions but the only thing that's happening is that the items are going to my own account and I am not seeing any options that would allow me to gift to a friend.

By BluSkies - 2019-01-15 21:29:23 in Echo
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Hi Echo OF community,

We will be trying to open Kralove this Saturday (1/19) starting around 10 AM EST/ 4 PM Dofus Time. Would really appreciate it if anyone is able to bring some characters to help open it.


Slight delay - will be starting around 10:30 AM EST/ 4:30 PM Dofus Time. Sorry about this!