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Meezer Ecaflip Lvl 49 Remington
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The Pink Scare Masqueraider Lvl 39 Nox
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Hi all,

Been awhile since I've played regularly, so forgive me if I'm missing anything obvious. My bf and I started playing again recently and we were wondering a couple of things. Would we still be able to quest together if we choose different nations?

Specifically, we enjoy the mercenary quests and the main plot line. I'm assuming we should go the same nation then?

Additionally, I know there was a change with PvP and stuff recently. Did I read somewhere that now you can go to any nation without...
By Bloomsbury - 2017-04-28 23:27:25 in Osamodas
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It's been a fair bit of time since I last played "seriously" and coming back I'm just looking to play some classes I used to enjoy a few years back. I used to play as a Gobgob "healer" Osa (trolly and kind of pointless, but I loved it nonetheless), but I can't seem to remember how to make it work. It also looks like Osas have had a big revamp so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on builds that maximize the use of the Gobgob in battle without dragon form or other summons. It...
By Bloomsbury - 2015-10-31 16:46:57 in General Discussions
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I was starting a new account to solo through the beginning of the game, but when I got to the point in the Nations quest that I needed to go talk to the Bonta archeologist (after having fought the Jessie and James knockoffs) the quest disappeared? Any thoughts on how to get back into the quest? I tried going to talk to the Bonta guy but that didn't seem to work.