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3v2? Awesome, u eaven get a reward for it?  Whats next? Osas prb gona go 1v10 and still win
By Bloodbishop - 2018-01-20 14:33:53 in General Discussion
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looking for a guild or somebody to play on the shadow server. 
By Bloodbishop - 2018-01-19 21:07:34 in Cra
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Hello i started playing on a mono server but it sudenly started asking me for a phone number saying my country is not valid. I sent a ticket but its prb gona be a long time before they respond. Im trying to decide what idols to use and where to level my cra once i get my char back. Was woundering if anyone knows a good set of leveling idols for a lvl 59 cra and mobs that would mix in the idol tactics? I almost have a full custom made set, but the xp gained with no idols is poor.