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Transcendent Ice Fairy Cra Lvl 157 Remington
Dig Dug Enutrof Lvl 123 Remington
Daigusto Spreez Feca Lvl 109 Remington
Greater Restoration Eniripsa Lvl 88 Remington
Phantasmal Osamodas Lvl 88 Remington

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I was around a long long long time ago and played from beta release up until around when Srambad was kicking my ass and the Enu god was released, then unfortunately quit due to being burnt out. I've been made aware that the game is very different since then which is both daunting and exciting in a way.

The main question I wanted to ask was; How is leveling now? If I were to start fresh with some friends who are new to the game, would we be spending all day farming wild gobs for a few levels a day...
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So, I picked up Sumens Insignia for my Enu this morning from the Alamanx. Equipped it and decided to go without chestpiece and Epps while I farm trees just for the look.

And then someone came up to me, and asked. 'Why are you naked?'

I responded with an unfunny response and went to cut down another tree.

And then I realized.

This happens.

And then when he winds up for a swing..

I didn't see butts in the Patch notes Troyle, get your act together!
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Now how each nation are slowly evolving and growing, some players may feel their choice of nation no longer fits what they want, they no longer feel they enjoy being part of that nation that was once something they loved back when they were fresh faced lowbies, but now as a high level vet they realise the horrors their country has. So, I ask why can we not change our Nation?

I would say we shouldn't limit it to once per character. But why not to a monthly quest that can be taken? Or perhaps you...