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Thousand Osamodas Lvl 200 Nox
Complete Xelor Lvl 200 Nox
Resume Enutrof Lvl 200 Nox
Place Eliotrope Lvl 191 Nox
Laceration Cra Lvl 188 Nox
Decrease Foggernaut Lvl 186 Nox
Renounce Huppermage Lvl 186 Nox
Terrify Rogue Lvl 62 Nox
Revolve Masqueraider Lvl 62 Nox
Quadrak Enutrof Lvl 34 Remington
Onek Eliotrope Lvl 33 Remington
Triplek Xelor Lvl 33 Remington

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Has anyone managed to drop the Rozan Ring from Archibubourg the Bubourg Archmonster (the sadida arch)?

I'm just looking for confirmation that it can actually drop from this arch since my guild has been driving him extinct since sadida release and I know of no one who managed to drop it this way on the Nox server. 

Thanks to any soul that can confirm to me that it drops this way. 
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I don't know about Brakmar, Amakna or Bonta...But the Sufo nation revamp is trash. It's cramped up and let's be honest here- Ankama could of made so much more out of their time than to nerf nations into smaller blocks. Where's my outpost, where's the massive map you could explore, where's the trees, the beach, where's our map ffs.

Why did they waste time investing in a nation revamp when there's nothing there to focus on??? Pvp...nope? Political system....what a joke. Player content...ok they got...