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Blomard Cra Lvl 23 Remington
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By Blomard - 2019-01-26 21:47:22 in Overall
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Hey everyone,

Its gonna be my first time playing Wakfu after I get some technical issues done. (account confirmation problem and I didnt recieve booster pack).

Because of that I had lots of time to go through classes and decide whats my 3 man team is gonna be.

I have some combinations in my head and wanted to ask you experienced players for advice.

I love healers in all mmo games so I think my main is gonna be an Eni. I think it will be good in end game content for grouping. So here is my alternatives;

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I'm having two problems;

I play Wakfu via steam, and when I loged in the site it asked me to create a account connected to my steam. so I did. But when I click on the confirmation mail nothing happens. And "You still haven't confirmed your e-mail address " notification still appears. Now I cant login to the game. ( REQUEST #2298316 )

My other problem is about the DLC I bought form Steam. This happend before the login problem. Becouse of the DLC issue I signed up to wakfu website now cant...