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By BllOOdraven - 2010-05-19 20:27:53 in Suggestion Box
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i think that there should be an island made that is a warzone island, make it so once you get on the island pvp mode is automaticaly started, and for every person you defeat you get xp and kamas, also, a cool factor to this island, if you die on the island you can loose a random item to the person who defeated you. and in order to get off the island you must actually zaap out, no potions, possibly fun pvp games like capture the flag, death match, head quarters (sit in enimies base for a certain amount...
By BllOOdraven - 2010-05-19 19:19:03 in Iop
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personaly i like to mess around with agi/ +dmg because of SoJ =]