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So I went solo with my 135 sac to the treechnid dungeon, and it all went smooth until I faced the ancestral treechnid and got raped by the poison damage.

I hadn't researched anything about that boss to not spoil the fight, but after that I did some reading on it's spells and found that Paralyzing Branch causes 4HP loss per AP spent. Which is fine, but doesn't match what I experienced when I was getting over 500HP losses right from the first turn I was poisoned, just by using about 8-10 AP.

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Reading chance sac guides it seems that the "meta" set when you go a bit over level 100 is the ancestral set.
Now ok, the set has good stats but considering I'm currently using a chief crocodyl set I'd be going from a secondary set stat of agility to strength, which means I'm losing quite a few lock and dodge for some str that I'm currently making no use of.

I'm scrolling agility (at about 30 at the moment) but still even at max scroll and without any equipment boost I'm not sure I'll be able to...