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Hi there,

I used to and still am farming Otomai dungeons to level another batch of Stings. So if anybody needs any resources from the first four dungeons, give me a shout (on Diavola). I have tons of most of the rare drops with exception of Barkritter barks, as I used them for an Indinz.
By Blimy - 2011-07-11 09:08:29 in Enutrof
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Hi all,

You probably will have noticed that currently there is a community challenge going on, related to the Goulatminator competition.

The first challenge takes place on the new island of Vulkania. We have figured out the riddles and everything that needs to be done. However, we are in DIRE NEED of characters lvl 51-150, male and female.

Recruitment starts this afternoon 3 pm Dofus time at Pinki Crater. Please come over there to help us secure second place in this challenge. First place has...