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For some reason, this monster is insanely rare. It took me three days until i saw it the first time. If you visit the Taiga and go through every map, you will most likely not see a single Impetuous Kwismas Dragoturkey, at least here on Rushu (you'll see dozens of Prez, though). Even if i stay on the same map, shredding the 5-8 monster mob over and over again, it will usually take dozens of mobs until this monster finally spawns.

High level characters need to kill this monster to turn in for Kwismas...
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Do you often log in and the game doesn't inform you about your sales very well? You're waiting for something to sell and you're not getting a message of when it happens? Or perhaps you want to look up what sold, when you sold it, how much you sold it, and so on? You probably wouldn't mind the...

Sales Log

So, what's this? It's an elaborate log that keeps track of your sales. You can access it using another button in the button bar... thing...

...or using the chat interface when you log in: