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By BladedEDGE - 2011-04-14 05:38:10 in Enutrof
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I made a alternate char on my main account which I'm on frequently called Metsu-Kaiten. I'm looking for a fun more social oriented guild that won't mind my over perverted 15 year old mine. Ok no I'm kidding I'm mature (when I want to be 0:] ). I don't mind alignment. I'm currently Bontarian but I don't mind swapping to Brakmar . I prefer to find a darker guild with more ....evil and psychotic intentions (To fit a psychopathic Masquerader) I'm sorry if I'm being fussy. Hit me back on this post or...
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Anyone else notcied could be I mis placed it but I dont know where I would misplace it........has someone else experianced this....