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okay so whenever dofus has an update since im a tard i always just redownload the whole game.
this is because i dont know what to do with patches :/
i open dofus and it gives me the patch to download, and when it downloads i open the game and it doesnt load
what do i do ;-;

OH and I tried to download 2.0 (i have a mac) and when its installing it says it "failed to run postinstall script for Dofus"
i have no idea what that means lol
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1. you sit in astrub mining talking about how bored you are
2. you pay to play a free to play game
3. you make an agi xelor to pvp and your like im not talking to you when you pvp and everyones like what a #$%@# bag
4. you spend 30 hours your professions to buy something
5. you spend 60$ real dollars to scroll your wisdom
6. you can make a list of things that make people addicted to dofus :]