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Member since 2011-05-30


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-06-22


Raiden'S Whip Osamodas Lvl 102 Elbor
Raiden'S Stasis Foggernaut Lvl 102 Elbor
Raiden'S Mask Masqueraider Lvl 101 Elbor
Takagi Raiden Huppermage Lvl 101 Elbor
Raiden'S Glasses Feca Lvl 101 Elbor
Raiden'S Explosions Rogue Lvl 101 Elbor
Mnibeertuqwe Cra Lvl 1 Remington

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So I came back aafter a looooooooong hiatus. And I noticed, has the compensaation for the rollbaack of some years ago being revoked?
I mean the 10% discount in everything on the store, and the special package that included both the premium service and the heroes?