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This isn't a big issue, but I noticed that this quest item drops even if you don't have the mission (it drops multiple times too), and after finishing the quest I'm still stuck with 2 of those in my inventory and I can't get rid of them, since they aren't used for anything else as far as I know.
By BlackCatRii - 2017-12-13 04:08:46 in Eniripsa
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Hello, I have trouble deciding if I wanna skill intelligence, chance or both. Intelligence feels a bit weak when playing solo, especially without a proper self healing spell. Water feels better for solo, but I'm not sure.. What are your opinions on these elements?  And do people usually go hybrid from the beginning or do they wait for a certain level?
Also, does anyone else feel like eniripsas don't really feel like eniripsas anymore? All their early healing/supporting spells were removed or changed...
By BlackCatRii - 2017-12-12 19:19:10 in Problems and solutions
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