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I resubscribed recently to join Dofus Retro and I'm unable to access any of the servers. It reports that the server is not found and that it's impossible to log in. I have cleared my cache and also repaired the client to no avail.

I noticed that by changing the port to 443, it lets me access the server selection screen but will switch back to 5555 upon selecting a server. I can also confirm that port 5555 on Dofus 2 and Retro do indeed not work. The odd thing is that neither my router or windows...
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First of all, the new UI is somewhat nice. I personally prefer the health/AP/MP to be in the middle but I haven't found a way I can achieve that nicely but that's just a minor thing.

1. When I log in, it takes about 2-5 minutes to get me into the game. Is this normal? 80Mb connection, highly doubt it to be my internet.

2. My characters were on Rushu but there was a merge. I have 5 characters on this account but Echo has 0 characters. After logging in, it prompts me to create a character. Odd. So...