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Hello guys,
only i have problem with dofus? When i login, can play only 30-60 seconds, and mega lag, disconnected. Relog and this same.
Anyone have/had this problem??
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Hello guys, i bought today Otomai's Fatal Blow from wakfunding. I used it in game. I recived a message that u learn Otomai's Fatal Blow, and i dont see where is this emote/spell or something else... Can u tell me where it is?
By Biznes69 - 2016-10-20 14:25:58 in Iop
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Hello all,

i need to know where can i fast exp (135 lvl pure int IOP).

My Stats:
Vitality 21 (+1256),
Wisdom 100 (+228),
Strength 0 (+0),
Intelligence 417 (+382),
Chance 0 (+0),
Agility 100 (+297),
Initiative 1196 (+0),
AP 7 (+3), MP 3 (+2)

Thank you so much