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Since we already have stat and spell reset quests, i think we should have quest to change your colours and or your name.

Before going the quest route, ankama could always use these options as a money sink. Pay a NPC A set # of kamas to change your name/ or colours. you get 2 quest items 1 could determine the time you have left before you can change your name/colour again. the other keeps track of your previous names and has a counter to determine the cost of your next change (goes up each time you...
By Bind - 2008-02-01 04:23:01 in Problems and solutions
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Hmmm, i don't know how to really explain this well, but i'll try.

Well to log onto the internet where i currently am i have to do it through their proxy. I have to enter an address, port, and then a password. I can surf the web fine, but i can't seem to connect to dofus. Is there anyone that can explain to me why dofus isn't working, and maybe even give me a possible solution? is it because dofus uses on ports 443, 5555, while this conection uses someting else? Am i SoL *cries if true*

It would...