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Number one English speaking guild on Ayuto... probably!

We are a lvl 20 (almost 21!) guild, complete with private discord, several high level professions, and a core group of committed players. But as they say: the more the merrier! We mostly play 1-3 accounts each (not 8!), so we always have room to group up.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join in the fun on Dofus Retro's Ayuto server - we'll even set you up with a nice starter set if you're new to the server

Just PM me (Tentacles, Tendril)...
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A short while ago I disconnected from the Heroic Test Server and every time I attempt to get back onto the server it comes up with the 'Connecting to Server...' message and does absolutely nothing. However when I try to connect to the normal 1.25 test, it works perfectly.