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Member since 2012-03-05


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Last login: 2013-11-18


Olympus Sacrier Lvl 101 Nox
Olympus Two Feca Lvl 35 Nox

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My list of odd items I'm buying and selling.

Golden Scara Cape and ring
Makabrakfire ring (less then or equal to lv42)

Goultard (-70hp)
Noke's Talisman.

Leave a post with your ign here or contact me in game if you're interested in any of these.
IGN: Olympus
21 2318
In the interest of promoting good entertainment for all the patrons of Gutted Plaza the government of Sufokia puts their pocket and well-being on the line!

This Saturday (04/21/12) the Governor and his cabinet will be at Gutted plaza from 7 to 8pm, ready and willing to take on challengers to a duel! Duel us individually, or try besting some of us together for better prizes.
If you want to fight a good duel or just watch, then stop by Gutted plaza; of course, you could always check the market boards...