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I think many people agrees that xelors need a buff. Devs are planning to do some changes on them but it looks like there is still time for that. So I just happened to have some ideas to make the fights with xelors more interesting by offering them some spells(these can be useless,ridiculous or OP, I'm just sharing what I think. Discussing is up to you)

1) Time Trip - Revives all players who died in the last turn, for 1 turn. The players who were revived will die in xelor's next turn. If xelor dies...
By BerkehanUlker - 2013-08-13 13:05:36 in Iop
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I was doing kolo today and I encountered an iop which hit me 775 per concentraion on crit (he only had power, I had 7%resist) without using poutsch.
So, he actually hit more than 800 with his conc. According to my calculations, even 1500str and 150dmg can't make conc. reach 800 on a crit. Just what in the world is making him hit that hard?
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I don't understand how some of the class set items work. For example,
Cape Hernaum : increases Shovel of Judgment's damage by 20. Which damage does it increase? Base, or final?
Antiboodies : increases Healing word's heal by 15. again, which one? base or final heal ?

I read the wiki but couldn't get it :/ can someone make it clear please?