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I've noticed that one of the recent updates seems to have stopped the Double spell from working properly. I no longer swap places with the double after it explodes. Is this intended?
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Just trying to figure out how to get this pet:

The wiki says he can be exchanged for 500 Slimy Scale at [5,22] but the conditions are unknown. Does anyone know the conditions or is this pet not even obtainable right now?
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Can we please get a rework or buff of the plot spell? It's among the weakest buffs in the game, and almost seems like a filler spell as if they didn't want to come up with anything else. Casting it usually grants unnoticeable difference, and to make it even better, it doesn't even have a spell animation. So the rest of your group just thinks you're literally doing nothing when casting it.

I would suggest either a buff such as:
50 dodge (2 turns)
50 damage (2 turns)

or a complete rework into a different...