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I'm hoping there is a quick and easy answer to this - but could someone walk me through real quick how MP reduction works?  Basically, is it just a matter of my Enu's MP reduction number being bigger than the MP resistance number of the enemy? 

For example, if my Enu has reduction of 100 and the enemy has resistance of 99, am I guaranteed to steal MP, or is there still a randomness to it?

Thanks for the help! :-)
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I'm looking to upgrade my (very old) set on my level 200 Eni.  As I'm looking at the gear, I find a mixture of high Int only items and items with both int and +heals.  So for a PvM Eni being used as my primary healer, is it more important to invest into gear with the maximum amount of Int. possible, or is it a better idea to get something with a little less Int, but comes with +heals on it?

For example:
Ring gives: 75 Int
Ring gives: 50 Int + 10 Heals

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I'm looking to try the Ouginak class, and I've been hearing (and seeing) a lot of recommendations for Chance build for PvM.  I currently have a Chance built Panda, so I was considering switching my Panda to Strength and then making the Ouginak Chance... just looking for some feedback on this idea.

Thanks so much,