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Hi, I only really play PvP because I prefer to, however the 3v3 kolo fights have been getting a bit lame as of recent.
Games feel rushed more often than not, people are doing loads of damage early on in the fights where people will die quite easily in the first round or two.
This is not fun.  No one likes to die that soon after queueing for a very long time.
Some might question the choice of a character's equipment, particularly how badly geared the ones that die too soon.  However, the ability...
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Hi, I play Ouginak, Steamer, Osamodas, Water Iop and was wondering what I should do.
On my osamodas and ouginak, it just seems to be a case out of dpsing a sac.... which is kinda hard.  Osamodas can stop them teleporting for a turn if they're within range to put a black gobball down.  Ouginak (I play fire) seems to be a case of trying to remove their movement points, put them in gravity state and tibia them.
Water iop.... well it's a water iop so not much comes to mind that it can beat.  In fact,...
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That looks fun.
I like hitting like a wet noodle.
At least I'm only lvl 197 and it's only going to cost me 12mk to change classes.
That's nice.

PS, we need more nerfs.